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    Favorite Blogs

    • Aguanomics
      The economics of water (and some other stuff), courtesy of economist David Zetland.
    • Aquafornia
      Aqua Blog Maven's awesome California water blog. Everything you need to know about CA water issues, and more!
    • Authentically Wired
      Water and a lot more from Paul F. Miller.
    • AWRA
      The water resources blog of the American Water Resources Association.
    • Blogging on Water
      John Oldfield of Water Advocates opines on unsafe drinking water and inadequate sanitation.
    • Blue Living Ideas
      Blue Living Ideas is the ultimate Web resource for information, tips, news, and events related to Earth’s most precious resource — Water.
    • Campanastan
      That's 'Campana-stan', or 'Place of Campana', formerly 'Aquablog'. Michael Campana's personal blog, promulgating his Weltanschauung.
    • Chance of Rain
      Journalist Emily Green's take on water issues.
    • City Brights: Water By Numbers
      Peter Gleick's thoughts about the water challenges facing the world.
    • ClimateChangeWater Blog
      From globe-trotting ecologist John Matthews.
    • Cool Green Science
      The conservation blog of The Nature Conservancy. More than a dozen science and policy experts blogging away!
    • Cr!key Creek
      Daniel Collins' Cr!key Creek offers news, views, and analysis on water resources, and a few other things, from the South Pacific.
    • Great Lakes Law
      Noah Hall's blog about - what else - all things wet and legal in the Great Lakes region!
    • H2ONCoast
      Oregon's North Coast water blog by Rob Emanuel of Oregon State University's Sea Grant program.
    • International Water Law Project
      Gabriel Eckstein, Director of the IWLP at Texas Tech University, comments on international and transboundary water law and policy.
    • John Fleck
      Science writer at the Albuquerque Journal. Great stuff on climate, water, and more.
    • Legal Planet: Environmental Law and Policy
      From the UC-Berkeley and UCLA law schools, it highlights the latest legal and policy initiatives and examines their implications.
    • Reddit - water section
      Water blog with tons of news items.
    • Riparian Rap
      Steve Gough on river geomorphology and the business, politics, and science of river ecosystem conservation.
    • Southwest Water Economics
      From Austin in the Lone Star State, Bruce K. Darling provides insights on Southwest USA water economics, rights, and management.
    • The Activists Online
      From Joan - give it a look!
    • The Reef Tank
      More than just a resource for reef hobbyists, but for those concerned about climate change, oceans, and water conservation.
    • The Water Blog
      From the Portland, OR, Water Bureau.
    • The Water Law
      From Alex Basilevsky - legal issues impacting water rights and the water industry.
    • Thirsty in Suburbia
      Gayle Leonard documents things from the world of water that make us smile: particularly funny, amusing and weird items on bottled water, water towers, water marketing, recycling, the art-water nexus and working.
    • Waste, Water, Whatever
      Elizabeth Royte's ('Bottlemania', 'Garbage Land') notes on waste, water, whatever.
    • Water For The Ages
      Abby, another PNWer, writes about global water issues with passion and concern.
    • Water SISWEB
      From UC-Davis water students. More than just a blog, it's a water resources community social bookmarking site. The users run the show, and all can participate.
    • Water Words That Work
      From Eric Eckl, a communications and marketing expert for environmental and other progressive causes.
    • Waterblogged
      Shaun McKinnon of the Arizona Republic.
      Jared Simpson's water blog. Great writing and insight, for non-water wonks, too.
    • Watercrunch
      The sound when people and water collide. A curious blend of water, infrastructure, history, and science. Broadcasting from Clemson, SC.
    • Watering the Desert
      Aptly-titled blog by CJ Brooks, a lawyer-hydrologist-geologist from Tucson, AZ.
    • WaterWired
      All things fresh water: news, comment, and analysis from hydrogeologist Michael E. Campana, Professor at Oregon State University.
    • Western Water Blog
      The 'mystery blog' about Western USA water issues. What more can I say?

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