Coverage of the July 28, 2009 National Water Policy Event

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WaterWired Blog

Report on the National Water Policy Event: We've 'Been There' But Haven't 'Done That' . . . It was more like 'Night of the Stars' than an 'Evening of the WaterWonks'. Jim Thebaut and The Chronicles Group hosted the National Water Policy Event last night and many of the water illuminati (glitterati?) were there - names that are not recognizable to the general public but well-known to water nerds such as yours truly: Rep. John Linder (R-GA), Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Jim Thebaut, Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA), Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA), Patricia Mulroy (SNWA), Timothy Brick (MWD), Dr. Brad Udall (WWA at U of CO), Mike Connor (USBR), Dr. Gene Whitney (CRS), Lena Fowler (Coconino County - AZ), Dr. Erik Webb (SNL), Donald Smith (MWH Global), Dr. Jerome Delli Priscoli (USACE-IWR), Steve Stockton (USACE), H. David Nahai (LADWP), and Peter Silva (USEPA). And there were more. . .

Congressman John Linder's News Release

"On July 28 . . . the best and the brightest from the water world traveled from far and wide to convene in one room to begin the process of tackling our nationís growing water problems head on. There was a flurry of discussion throughout the room. . . . Linder expressed his enthusiasm that the July 28 event marks the beginning of Congressí efforts to work with the public and private sectors to tackle our nationís water problems."